Endless possibilities
for every school.

Keep parents happy: Parents daily report.

Parents can watch their children’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to their mobile device. They get to understand what their children did while in school which would get them more involved in the learning process.

Go digital.

Digital attendance

Replace paper attendance with digital attendance for students and for staff.

Digital check in

Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes. Add approved adults to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out.

Boost students enrollment.

To increase student enrollment we believe you need to make all stakeholders happy and carry everyone involved. Everyone should be kept up to date with events and news from you.

  • Share new and events with parents
  • Save time in individually contacting each parent
  • Give teachers flexibility and productivity tools

One Software, Every Solution

We have observed the features lacking in the educational process and we have come up with solutions to make information accessible to everyone.

Easy to Use

We strive to make the interface easy for every stakeholder while interacting with the app - Parents, Teachers and Administrators.

No installation cost

Compared to other solutions out there you need to pay for installation, all you just need is download the app and get started.

Reduce paper work

By moving from paper to digital you save yourself cost and give yourself more flexibility and productivity.

Mobile first

We believe going mobile gives your school an advantage over other schools.

Centralized database

Store everything related to children and families in one secure place.

Responsive support

We are a small team and will take out the time to give our best when it comes to support.